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Ewan’s best friend and assistance dog’ Chloe’ tragically passed away aged just 4 years old.

The tragic loss of Chloe was so sudden and totally unexpected. There was no time to prepare for what happened which has left Ewan confused and heartbroken. It's especially hard for an autistic person to process and the risk to Ewan's mental health deteriorating quickly are high.

Ewan is 12 years old and is autistic, Chloe was his assistance dog who had been trained from a puppy to support Ewan but tragically passed away aged just 4 years old after a short illness. Ewan is heartbroken that he has lost his best friend, someone he ran around with and talked to and helped him settle at night.  

Ewan and his tragically passed assistance dog 'Chole'

Fundraising for another best friend for Ewan.  

Penny Denton Ewan's mum said: ''No other dog will be 'Chloe' and she will always be in our hearts, but Ewan hopes to have another best friend, play mate and comforter when he is anxious.

We appreciate that these are difficult times for everyone and it has also limited what we can do in regards to fundraising. So will appreciate any support, no matter how small as every penny counts.

We have now teamed up with The Bradley Lowery Foundation to support with our fundraising. This means we now have a charity number, so that businesses who wish to support are now able to. ''

Ewan's JustGiving page

Chloe meant so much and helped to change little Ewan's life in so many wonderful ways. Together we need to find him a new special friend.

Please consider to following Ewan's story and become a member of their amazing Dog4Ewan support group on Facebook, help page grow and invite your friends. Our team is working hard to support Ewan and his mum during this truly difficult time but Ewan needs your help!!!

Please give generously.

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