Why choose us?

Run by autistic people, for autistic people
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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We recognize the individuality of every client’s needs.

Unique approach

Our Residential Assistance Dog Programme is the most qualified programme of its type, and is also the only programme training Autism Assistance Dogs that is run by autistic people. Through a unique approach to providing human support - running alongside the dog training - we are unlike other organisations, providing the family with the tools to ensure the welfare of both the handler and the dog.


Our qualifications and approach to the Programme enable us to deliver the Programme responsibly, with the organisation being acknowledged for dealing with some of the most complex and challenging of cases successfully.

Customisable service that match the individual needs

Each dog on the Programme undergoes extensive training, during which they will learn to respond to key commands and engage in sensory games. We offer a highly-customizable service, and train each dog to perform advanced tasks that match the individual needs of the handler and what they hope to achieve with their dog. Find out more about our bespoke training Programme.

Our Assistance Dogs receive training and assessment in a wide range of environments, including shops, public transport, hospitals, cinemas and more. We are a British Airways pre-approved training school and our working Assistance Dogs have successfully flown across the globe! Find out more about life with an Assistance Dog.

Human support

Provided by qualified professionals, this work is undertaken to help to develop new coping strategies as well as alternative approaches for the entire family. The success of an Assistance Dog partnership hinges on this work, so it is vital that standards are reached and understanding is acquired to enable the dog to be placed with the family.

Dedication to animal welfare

Animal welfare is at the heart of our organization. We take pride in our ‘positive reinforcement’ methods that are carefully formulated by one of our Founders, Andrew Preston, to stimulate the senses, engage the mind, and utilize the intelligence of our dogs.

As a Kennel Club Assured breeder, Andrew has bred hundreds of healthy and happy puppies. Every Assistance Dog candidate is hand selected and assessed for temperament, health, vitality, vigour, and biddability. Many of our working Assistance Dogs were bred and born at the farm as part of our own breeding programme. Find out more about our dogs.

Exceptional training

Andrew has been training Assistance Dogs for nearly 9 years and is one of only four trainers in the UK to receive the highly coveted title of ‘Kennel Club Accredited Assistance Dog Instructor’.

Every Assistance Dog candidate receives up to 8 months of one-to-one training sessions with Andrew and his team, supplemented with additional training, public access work, practice, and assessment from our team of Assistance Dog trainers.

Andrew Preston - Kennel Club Dog Training Instructor of the year 2020 WINNER

Training the handler - not just the dog

We believe that education of the client is the cornerstone of a successful partnership. Our fully-managed Residential Assistance Dog Programme includes a 3-day family training phase, in which the client receives one-to-one instruction at the farm on how to care for and handle their dog, both at home, on walks and in a public setting. The Programme also includes home delivery and transition of the dog, which provides the family with additional training and advice during this crucial settling in period. Clients receive call appointments with our Aftercare Services Officer as part of our aftercare service.

Abigail Short

General Manager at Autism Dogs Charity