How to apply?

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How to apply?

How to apply?

If you are interested in applying for any of our Programmes, please contact us via email:

You will receive information and pricing about any of our Programmes and you will be required to complete client profile forms if you wish to proceed.


We reserve the right to decline an application if:


The client information given is not correct or truthful.

The applicant is not registered as disabled.

We feel the Autism Dogs CIC Assistance Dog Programme will not be beneficial to the applicant.

The welfare of the dog is not fully managed by an adult or 3rd party in addition to the handler. We are unable to agree to a dog living with handler alone or without a clear network of suitable support..

If we feel that the dog's welfare and needs could not be met.

There are severe allergies in the family.

There is no one to care for the dog for long periods during the day.


NB a telephone interview followed by a face to face visit is then required in order to qualify for enrollment.

Abigail Short

Animal welfare and admin in Autism Dogs CIC

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