What is an Autism Assistance Dog?

Skilled dogs that help their handler
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What is an Autism Assistance Dog?

What is an Autism Assistance Dog?

Autism Assistance Dogs are highly skilled working dogs that help to transform the lives of Autistic people and their families.

Each dog is trained to perform a number of tasks to help their handler to cope with challenges, manage their anxiety, grow in confidence, interact with others and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. They are devoted companions that provide reassurance, security and friendship.

Our dogs’ special skills are designed to support the individual as they engage with the world around them:  

  1. Helps to promote healthy sleep
  2. Can improve eating and exercise patterns
  3. Helps to reduce the frequency and severity of meltdowns
  4. Assist in the development of language
  5. Can help to improve motor skills and social skills
Andrew Preston

Founder and Training Director

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