Motivated by a love of dogs and passion for helping autistic people.
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Our Ambassadors form a highly important part of our team, helping to educate the public about the amazing benefits of Autism Assistance Dogs and their experiences

Stephen Massey who is dad to Dylan with AD Blu

My name is Steve. I’m the dad in Team Blu 💙
Dylan was a late diagnosis of ASD aged 17. His youngest sister is now awaiting assessment too. My wife, Gail and myself recognise a lot of autistic traits in ourselves.

I’m passionate about supporting the Autism Dogs Charity as I’ve seen firsthand the impact that these wonderful dogs and people can have.

Stephen Massey Dylan's dad and AD Blu

Julia Ples who has Storm

''I wanted to be an ambassador to give back to the charity that gave me storm! I've only had storm for a month at this point but I've already noticed a big positive difference in my life :)''

Julia Ples and AD Storm

Max Smith AD Harry

“My name is Max and Harry is my Autism Assistance Dog he is an Italian Spinone, a cheeky chap and my best friend we have been a team for 2 years now! Harry helps me get out and about, go on holiday, attend appointments and go to school, he is the best support he could ever have”

You can follow Max and Harry on Instagram at @harrytheassistancedog

Max Smith and AD Harry

Riley Ross AD Nimbus

“Hi I am Riley and I like Harry Potter, Lego, Sci-Fi, and animals – especially Nimbus. Since having Nimbus I feel happier, she is my best friend. Nimbus understands me. Being an ambassador for Autism Dogs means I can show more people how an Assistance Dog helps me.”

Riley Ross and AD Nimbus

Cesca Huff and AD Chutney

"I wanted to be an ambassador to highlight the amazing work Autism Dogs Charity do. My life has been transformed with the support my AD Chutney gives me. I have gone from being housebound for over a decade to being living and having adventures with my hero with four paws!"

You can follow Cesca and Chutney on Instagram at @chutney_adventures

Cesca Huff and AD Chutney

Jac Boyce mum to Keira Boyce who has Noodle

“Hi, I’m Jac and I’m autistic. I’m mother to Kiera who has Autism Assistance Dog Noodle. Being an ambassador means a great deal to me. Noodle is helping Kiera to navigate the world around her, and is making such a difference in our lives!“ I hope to draw on my own experience, and use my enthusiastic and sympathetic approach to help other parents and families navigate life with their own life-changing Assistance Dogs. It’s such an honor to be part of such an extraordinary team of people who have done so much for us as a family.”

Jac Boyce mum to Keira Boyce and AD Noodle