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Professionally-assessed Assistance Dogs mitigating the challenges of autism
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Fully-managed ‘Assistance Dog Programme’ with on-going education and human support for each client and their primary carers.

Our fully-managed Residential Assistance Dog Programme balances the need to prepare the dog to be able to mitigate the challenges of autism, to educate the handler and their family about how to interact with and care for their dog successfully, and to manage the family dynamic to ensure that the partnership is successful.

The Programme is highly bespoke to each client. Each of our professionally-assessed dogs are trained to mitigate the specific challenges that the handler experiences, and we provide a specialist programme of human support which is vital to ensure the success of each partnership.

Our Programme has no age limit and is available to autistic children and adults in mainland England, Scotland, and Wales. Find out more about our bespoke training Programme through the following pages.