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Residential Assistance Dog Programme

Our Residential Assistance Dog Programme provides a fully-trained dog and bespoke training, education and therapeutic support for each client and their care-givers. The programme is delivered in 6 phases, and is effectively managed and documented at all times.

Our fully-trained Autism Assistance Dogs can provide emotional and practical support to an autistic child or adult, in order to mitigate the challenges they face. Each dog is trained to perform a number of tasks, all of which are tailored to the handler’s individual challenges and needs. This can enable the dogs to help their handler to cope with challenges, manage their anxiety, grow in confidence, interact with others, and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.  

Once your qualified dog is delivered to you, then you will receive ongoing and comprehensive aftercare support for the lifetime of the dog. Maintaining your dog’s health, happiness, and skill levels is important and is regularly assessed.

Each client is currently required to contribute £14,990 towards the cost of the programme. All administration and management fees are currently covered by the charity for each client, with the actual cost of the entire programme averaging at costing over £23,000.

We understand that our programme is a large financial investment for autistic people and their families. In many cases, client funding has been raised through their local authority, grants, or raised through collaboration with the Bradley Lowery Foundation.

We are currently working hard to fundraise to be able to reduce the cost of the programme to the client in the future.

IMPORTANT: To enrol on to the Programme, the handler must have a confirmed diagnosis of autism/ASD.

The waiting list for our Residential Assistance Dog Programme is open for applications until Friday 19th April 2024. Please send all enquiries for information packs via email to

Andrew Preston

Founder and Managing Director