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Assistance Dog Programmes

Autism Dogs CIC offers a 'Residential Assistance Dog Programme' with a qualified dog. This Programme provides bespoke training, education and therapeutic support for each client and their care-givers.

The Programme can take up to 8 months before the trained Assistance Dog can be delivered.

Our Advanced Training includes a bespoke set of skills taught to each dog that are tailored to suit the handler’s specific needs.

Once your qualified dog and is delivered to you then you will receive ongoing and comprehensive aftercare support for the lifetime of the dog. Maintaining your dog’s health, happiness and skill levels is important and is regularly assessed.

Our At Home Programme provides our specialist training to help qualify your pet dog.

Our Facility Dog Programme provides a fully Qualified Dog and staff training for Schools, Colleges, University or Hospitals.

IMPORTANT: To enroll on our Programmes the handler must have an official autism diagnosis.

All details upon application

Andrew Preston

Founder and Training Director

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