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Sponsor one of our gorgeous recruits from as little as £5 per month and watch them transform from dog to highly skilled Superdog!

After completing their training your dog will provide independence, confidence and support to an autistic person, potentially transforming their life - giving you the chance to sponsor another new recruit.

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How Your Sponsorship Trains Superdogs and Transforms Lives


Dogs Find Happiness in Helping

We know that most dogs love to have a job and love to please their humans. Our incredible dogs create such a strong bond with their handlers and clearly get pleasure from the relationship and the work they do.


The Impact of Your Sponsorship

Once fully trained your Superdog can provide independence, confidence and emotional and practical support to an autistic child or adult, helping them with their daily challenges.
By sponsoring a Superdog, you will not only be helping to train a dog to have a purpose and a job they adore, but you are helping to transform an autistic person's life. It’s also a great way to support Autism Dogs Charity!


Stay Connected with Your Sponsored Superdog's Adventures

Every dog’s journey is different and unique to them! We will send you updates throughout your dog’s amazing journey with insights into their training, their play, their snoozes and their interaction with the other dogs that live at our farm In Congleton!


Selecting and Supporting Your Superdog

You can select which dog you’d like to sponsor and once a dog is fully trained and delivered to its new autistic handler we will automatically transfer your sponsorship to another dog. You can of course cancel your sponsorship at any time by contacting us at

When you Sponsor a Superdog you will receive a Welcome Pack including

  • Regular updates from your Superdog
  • Picture postcard for you to display
  • Branded Autism Dogs tote bag or Cuddly dog if the sponsorship is a gift for a child

We’ve got the answers for most of your questions

How will my sponsorship help to transform the life of an autistic person?

Your sponsorship will help provide assistance and support to an autistic adult or child.

It will help the handler to cope with challenges, manage anxiety, while helping them to grow in confidence and interact with others. Our dogs are trained to help with specific challenges which vary from person to person, from intervening with self harm to distracting from meltdowns.

You can be certain that your sponsorship will enhance the handler and their family’s lives with this transformative support.

What will happen when my sponsor dog finishes its training?

We will get in touch to let you know, and we will automatically swap your sponsorship to another new recruit.

How often will I receive updates on my Superdog?

We will send you updates via email every 2 months on your sponsored Superdog’s progress

What will my donations be used for?

Your sponsorship donation will contribute to our overall Autism Assistance Dog Programme.

It will be used where it is needed most, which could be anything from paying vet bills, buying dog food, psychotherapy sessions, buying sensory play equipment for our younger beneficiaries or treats for our dogs!

How long will my welcome pack take to arrive?

Normally within 7 days but please allow up to 14 days before contacting us if it doesn’t arrive.

Isaac & Mav’s story

Isaac wrote: "Maverick my support dog helps me when I get cross. He will come to me and lie on me. He also helps me to go into loud places and he helps me when I go to school and get dropped off. Maverick also helps me when we go to other people's houses."

Isaac's dad said "Before Mav Isaac struggled hugely with very high anxiety levels and sensory overload as part of his ASD/ADHD which would lead to frequent and prolonged meltdowns. This would happen in particular before school or in or after group and social situations. He would sleep very badly and we often had to be in his room during the night.

"Having Mav has really helped Isaac with his anxiety and meltdowns have become much fewer and don't last as long. Mav provides so much help to Isaac in those times via DPT, distraction and lots and lots of licks! Having Mav with him helps Isaac transition in and out of school much better, and has given him so much more confidence in group and social situations.

"They absolutely love sleeping together at night time and Isaac is now much more frequently staying in his room all night without needing us."

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