Motivated by a love of dogs and passion for helping autistic people
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Could you foster a dog that could help to change the life of an autistic person?

We have various fostering placements available:
• Short-term fostering placements for young adult dogs in training
• 8–10-month placements for dogs placed as a puppy
• Long-term or permanent placements for stud dogs and breeding bitches
• Evening and weekend fostering
It all depends on what would be best for you and your family.
Labrador ‘Flash’ was kindly fostered by the Franklin family from a puppy.
Flash is now fully qualified and working as Jennifer’s Assistance Dog.
In return, you would be helping Autism Dogs Charity – a best-in-class Assistance Dog Programme – to care for a life-changing Autism Assistance Dog. You would also be supplied with all the essentials, and veterinary and insurance costs for the dog to live a fun-filled life with you.
You would need to live within 20 miles of our base (we are based in Congleton, CW12 3LN), and would need to be able to give the dog or puppy supervision at all times.
With your help, we can change more lives!
If you are interested in fostering for us, please email us at

What is it like to foster for us?

Experience with fostering a dog
Chip is one of our candidate dogs, and he is currently being fostered by the lovely Smith family who have working Assistance Dog Harry. We recently spoke to the Smith family about their experience with fostering a dog for us.
Chip is currently one of our candidate dogs
Max with his working Assistance Dog Harry, and foster dog Chip
How does fostering Chip fit into your life?
We are lucky that we are home all the time, so Chip slotted into our family life so well. We have found him no extra bother - just more fun.
What motivated you to foster for us?
We had it in our minds about a second dog as Harry is just so loving and sociable on his fun play walks. He loves being around other dogs and we wanted him to have that company and fun while at home too.
Fostering seemed the perfect opportunity. We are so grateful for the amazing changes Harry has brought to Max and the family's life that we feel like we are giving something back, paying it forward. We now have the time to be able to be a small step in a dog's life that will go on to do the same wonderful things for their new family.
Harry and Chip having a snuggle
Harry and Chip out on a walk
What's your daily routine like with Chip?
We are up early - it's breakfast and then dropping our boys off at school.
Then we are out on the fields and parks in our local area. We try to add some public access or socialisation, be it noisy areas or just a different environment, and then home for lunch and a good snooze for the doggos! We add a short after lunch walk if needed.
It's all go when our boys get home from school: fun family walking adventures in the woods, lots of toys, and ball throwing in the park.
Tea and evening snuggles, then late night wees end the day.
What's your favourite thing about fostering Chip?
He has brought amazing friendship to Harry - he loves having a buddy as he is so sociable! As a family, it's been wonderful for our other 2 children to have that unconditional love from Chip as they are more detached from Harry as they respect his role as Max's assistance dog.
Chip having a snuggle with one of Max's brothers
Chip having a snooze
Tell us about a time Chip made you smile
Chip is an absolute snuggle monster he just wants to be on you or near you at all times. He loves laying on his cushion next to me during the day, laid on his back almost spread eagled; he is so relaxed and it makes me laugh and smile every time.

With your help, we can change more lives!

If you are interested in fostering for us, please email us at: