Motivated by a love of dogs and passion for helping autistic people
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Motivated by a love of dogs and a passion for helping autistic people and their families, the Autism Dogs Charity team are a team of highly-qualified people whose dedication and commitment enable us to achieve the highest of standards.
All of our team members play a vital role in the organisation, whether it’s caring for our dogs, running part of the business side, caring for our clients, training our dogs, or advising others.
By adding the wonderful benefits of a highly-trained dog into the life of an autistic person, we hope to improve their independence, and enable them to develop new skills and gain greater social confidence.

Company Values

Timeliness Professional Considerate Hardworking Approachable Caring Respect Dedicated Inclusion Loyalty
Our company values help our team to work towards the organisation's visions and goals, showing our drive and motivation for both caring for our dogs and transforming autistic people's lives.
Timeliness: We work hard to show up on time and provide timely support to our clients, team members, and dogs.
Caring: All of our work revolves around us providing the utmost care attention to our clients, team members, and dogs.
We are adaptable, understanding others' needs and adjusting our way of working to accommodate them.
Professional: We work together to provide an outstanding experience, building upon our deep-rooted ethics and our desire to be as skilled as we can possibly be.
We respect and value everyone's differences, creating an environment that both promotes respect and highlights the advantages diversity brings.
We create an environment and attitude that allows both our clients and our team to feel at ease, enabling us to create the best experience possible based on their needs.
Dedicated: We strive to provide the best care to our clients and dogs so we can change as many lives as possible.
Respect: We value all of our clients and team members, ensuring everyone is treated with dignity and compassion.
Hardworking: We work hard through responsible actions, always striving to be the best we can be.
Loyalty: We are proud to represent an organisation that does such life-changing work for autistic people and their families.

Get to know a member of our team

What does your daily routine look like?
My favourite thing about my role is definitely the variation of stuff I do. It keeps me motivated because every day there’s a new challenge. I also love all the dogs, and being able to just spent a couple minutes with them having a cuddle and a few kisses. My colleagues are also amazing which keeps me motivated.
What does your daily routine look like?
I usually arrive last to the farm which means the dogs are ready to go out when I get in, so I start my days off by running the dogs on the paddock. After that, I get my animal care jobs done, which could be jet washing, or cleaning some of the accommodation like the kitchen area or front of house. Once I’ve done this, there's an array of stuff to do. This may include extra jobs like ear cleaning, teeth brushing and health checks. In between some of this, I might put a wash on if it’s my day to do it. Obviously, there’s a couple of coffees between this.
Once all of my animal care jobs are done, I move on to some training. This could be training some of the pet dogs to make sure they’re getting enough mental stimulation or taking some of the assistance dogs in training on public access trips with Charlie. I enjoy having the variety in my days with each day being different.
Tell us about a time a dog made you smile?
They make me smile all the time, but if I had to pick just once then it’d have to be when I was having a pretty tough time and I sat on the kitchen floor with all the dogs and they piled on me, it instantly cheered me up!


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