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'An Introduction to Assistance Dogs'
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This course provides a unique and highly informative insight into the topics you should consider when applying for an Autism Assistance Dog. The course will take place over a three week period and will be split into three units:

  • Preparing for your Assistance Dog
  • Caring for your Assistance Dog
  • Interacting with your Assistance Dog

As well as the online content, you are also invited to take part in weekly Zoom session with Ruth Gregory and her working Assistance Dog ‘Ryder.’ These will be small group sessions limited to no more than 15 families per session. Ruth will answer and discuss questions and points of interest that you have submitted to her prior to each session.

When you enroll on the course, you will be given access to exclusive learning content that you can download, print and keep! You will also receive a certificate when you successfully complete the course!

Who is the course designed for?

  • People wondering if an Assistance Dog is right for them.
  • People seeking to learn more about autism Assistance Dogs, caring for Assistance Dogs, and handling Assistance Dogs.
  • People considering applying for an Assistance Dog through Autism Dogs CIC.

Pricing and availability

The course is priced at £44.99. We hold monthly intakes for the course, with 30 places being available for each intake. If you are interested in a place on the course, please send an email to

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will this course help me to train my dog to become an Assistance Dog?
A: The purpose of this course is educating potential Assistance Dog handlers - and the general public - about the considerations needed when thinking about getting an Assistance Dog, as well as how to interact with an Assistance Dog if somebody got one. Please note that this course will not teach you how to train a dog you already own to be an Assistance Dog.

Q: Will the Zoom calls be recorded if I cannot attend them?
A: Yes. The links to the recordings will be sent out in the week following the Zoom call.

Q: How long will I have access to the online course content?
A: You will have access to the course content and Zoom recordings for 3 months after the final Zoom call.

Q: What are the technical requirements for the course?
A: The technical guidelines are the following:
⦁ Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge are supported although they may need to be updated to a more recent version.
⦁ JavaScript enabled
⦁ PDF plugin
⦁ Graphic and audio output capability
⦁ Broadband internet connection with minimum speed of 5MBps
⦁ TLS 1.2 supported by browser
⦁ Zoom application needs to be downloaded if using a smartphone or tablet for the Zoom calls.


Successfully attending and completing courses, seminars, short-term internships, volunteering, or workshops with Autism Dogs CIC does not signify that the attendee is a service/assistance dog trainer or qualified to train and/or place service/assistance dogs.  Assistance Dog International has specific standards that an individual must meet in order to be an assistance dog trainer - and taking part in these activities does not meet these requirements.

If you are interested in a place on the course, please send an email to
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