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Improving lives of autistic people

Our Assistance Dogs have already improved the lives of many autistic people and their families, and your help will help us to continue changing the lives of many more! 

Volunteering with us

As a charity, we provide amazing opportunities to volunteer alongside our highly-motivated team in a variety of different areas. While volunteering with us, you will gain invaluable experience while helping to change the lives of others.

All of our volunteering opportunities are under the guidance of our trained staff, to help your time with us be fun, safe, and a great experience! These volunteering opportunities are usually based around our farm in Congleton, Cheshire; you aren’t paid for your time as a volunteer, but you may get money to cover expenses for travel.

Volunteering disclaimer

Successfully attending and completing courses, seminars, short-term internships, volunteering, or workshops with Autism Dogs Charity does not signify that the attendee is a service/assistance dog trainer or qualified to train and/or place service/assistance dogs.

Assistance Dog International has specific standards that an individual must meet in order to be an assistance dog trainer - and taking part in these activities does not meet these requirements.

Financial Support

Company merchandise

We have created merchandise that can be purchased through the shop on our Facebook page! All profits raised from the sale of our merchandise will support our work with autistic people and their families.

Our Autism Assistance Dogs can be life-changing for their handlers. They provide support, love, and friendship, and enable their handlers to achieve things that would’ve been unimaginable before their furry friend came into their life.

With your help, we can help to change more lives for the better! You can find our brand new merchandise on the shop of our Facebook page ‘Autism Dogs CIC’. The shop contains more information about prices, sizes, and colors.

All profits raised from the sale of our merchandise will go towards the company’s Bursary Fund.

Our Sponsors

We’d like to say a big thank you to the following organisations who have sponsored our company.

We have been very fortunate to receive support from these organisations in various forms (such as grants, donations, and fostering), which helps us to continue to support our autistic clients and their families!

community fund logo
Cheshire community foundation logo
Trefoil logo
Support fund logo
BLF logo
TTE logo
Lincoln College

In loving memory

We have also received donations in loving memory of a lost loved one. We’d like to thank the families of:

Paul Hamblett
Roy Lomax
John William Seward
Michael Sparks
Karl Gregg
Elizabeth Barron
Cliff Davis

Some of these donations have been used to support a dog’s training, with the dog being named in their memory!

Dog Pablo

Working Assistance Dog ‘Pablo’, named in Paul Hamblett’s memory




Could you foster a dog that could help to change the life of an autistic person?

We are looking for genuine dog lovers to join our Canine Foster Team! We have various fostering placements available, depending on what would be best for your family!

You would need to live close by to us (we are based in Congleton, CW12 3LN), and would need to be able to give the dog or puppy supervision at all times.

If for some reason the fostering doesn’t go to plan, the dog could be returned to our base at any time. We supply the dog, food, bedding, toys, and cover veterinary and insurance costs. You’d need to supply kindness and love to allow the dog to have fun and enjoy the world through socialisation and enrichment!

If you or somebody you know would like more information about fostering for us, please email us for a fostering application form at

With your help, we can help to change more lives for the better!