Fostering in Grimsby for Autism Dogs CIC

We're excited to announce that we are now also looking for genuine dog lovers who live near Grimsby to join our Canine Foster team!

Autism Dogs CIC is a non-for-profit organisation that provides best in class Assistance Dog Training Programmes, and is the only service of its type approved by the National Autistic Society.

We are looking for people to foster puppies that could help to change the life of an autistic person! You would need to:

  • Live within 15 miles of Grimsby.
  • Be able to give the puppy supervision at all times.
  • Be able to attend training sessions at least once a month.

The puppies can be aged from 8 weeks old to 10 months old, and the foster agreements can last 2 –8 months. If for some reason the fostering doesn’t go to plan, the puppy could be returned to our base (in Congleton) at any time.

We supply the puppy, food, bedding, toys, and cover veterinary and insurance costs. You’d need to supply kindness and love to allow the puppy to have fun and enjoy the world through socialisation and enrichment!

If you or somebody you know would like more information about fostering for us, please email us for a fostering application form at Foster@AssistanceDogs.co.uk

For more information about our company and our work, you can find us on Facebook at AutismDogsCIC, Instagram @autismdogs, Twitter @autismdogscic and on our website at www.autismdogs.co.uk

We are looking for genuine dog lovers in Grimsby to join our Canine Foster team!

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