'An Introduction to Assistance Dogs' course by Autism Dogs CIC

Autism Dogs CIC is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Introduction to Assistance Dogs’ online course with interactive zoom support!

This course provides a unique and highly informative insight into the topics you should consider when applying for an Autism Assistance Dog. The course will take place over a three week period and will be split into three units:

-  Preparing for your Assistance Dog

-  Caring for your Assistance Dog

-  Interacting with your Assistance Dog

Subheading: What is included in this course?

You will be invited to take part in weekly Zoom sessions with Autism Ambassador Ruth Gregory and her working Assistance Dog ‘Ryder.’ These will be small group sessions limited to no more than 10 families per session. Ruth will answer and discuss questions and points of interest that you have submitted to her prior to each session.

The December 2021 schedule is as follows:

Monday group- 13th, 20th, 27th 7pm

Tuesday group- 14th, 21st, 28th 7pm

When you enroll on the course, you will be given access to exclusive learning content that you can download, print and keep!

The content is educational and accessible. It is designed for autistic people and their families, and includes activities and reflections to help guide family discussions.

You will also receive a certificate when you successfully complete the course!

Subheading: Who can apply?

This course is available to anyone.

We believe the content provides an invaluable introduction to autism Assistance Dogs and strongly recommend that you take part if you are applying for one of our dogs.

This course will be particularly beneficial if you are:

- Wondering if an Assistance Dog is right for you.

- Seeking to learn more autism Assistance Dogs, caring for Assistance Dogs, and handling Assistance Dogs.

- Considering applying for an Assistance Dog through Autism Dogs CIC.

Subheading: Price and availability:

The course is priced at £44.99. Only 15 places will be available at launch. Apply soon to avoid disappointment!

Subheading: How to apply:

Email courses@autismdogs.co.uk.Once you have secured your place, we will send you a link and a unique code to enter when you pre-order the course. You will be given access to the online learning content on 7th December 2021.


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