Grant to make our workplace COVID secure

Social Enterprise Support Fund allowed made both our workplace and visits safe for our staff and clients.

We are very grateful for our funding from the Social Enterprise Fund, distributed by the School for Social Entrepreneurs, which has helped us to try and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic! This funding has allowed us to purchase resources that have made both our workplace and visits safe for our staff and clients. 

The Social Enterprise Support Fund provides essential financial support to help social enterprises duringCOVID-19. It will help social enterprises to meet additional demands, change the way they work, make their spaces COVID-secure, and manage liquidity during the next six months.

We have used the grant awarded to us to make our workplaceCOVID-secure through the creation of a designated training room for our dog trainers, as well as through an outside washing station (with access to hot water) for our staff members and visitors to use upon arrival. We have also used the grant awarded to us to purchase PPE and resources that have enabled us to reach some of our most vulnerable families safely during months of lockdowns.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Social Enterprise Fund for their support, and to National Lottery players for making this possible!

PPE and equipment that has allow us to visit clients safely.
Creation of our new designated dog training room
An outside washing station that is used by our staff and clients when they arrive at the farm.
One of our Assistance Dogs in Training 'Dave' during a training session in our new designated dog training room.

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