The Autism Dogs CIC team

We strive to assist autistic people and to enable them to fulfill their full potential, both as an organization and an employer.

The motivation behind our organization has always been to assist autistic people and to enable them to fulfill their full potential. We live in a world designed for neurotypical people, which means that we often don't benefit from the unique gifts and strengths that neurodiverse people can bring. 

As well as training autism assistance dogs and therapy dogs for SEN environments, we are also an autism-friendly employer. Many of the Autism Dogs CIC team are autistic, including our Managing Director, Caroline Preston, and many others have close family members who are autistic. Not only does this mean that we benefit from the many strengths our autistic team members offer, but it also motivates us to help and understand the challenges of other autistic people.

Our Managing Director, Caroline Preston, says :

I'm hugely proud that Autism Dogs CIC has always been a safe space for autistic people to not only be themselves, but to really shine and show the world that we have so much to offer!
Autism Dogs CIC will always celebrate the gifts, interests and beautiful uniqueness of each and every autistic person.
Managing Director, Caroline Preston

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