New roles within the company

Julia Mihailova has now taken on the role of Aftercare Services Officer.

Julia has spent 18months as an Ambassador for the company, and is the mum of one of our clients, Louis (pictured). Through her role as an Ambassador, she has supported many of our families and has promoted the benefits of autism assistance dogs online through her Facebook page ‘Max & Me’.

Julia Mihailova, Aftercare Services Officer at Autism Dogs CIC

In her new role, she will be responsible for all of the follow up calls and video support that is made after the delivery of the dog, and will be the ‘go to’ support for our existing teams on any handling matters.

Paige Connor has now taken on the role of Animal Care Supervisor.

While she’s been with the company, she has undertaken a City and Guilds Level 2 apprenticeship in Animal Management. In her new role, she will supervise the care of, and ensure the welfare of, the dogs here at the farm, and will organize and supervise our Animal Care Assistants.

Paige Connor, Animal Care Supervisor at Autism Dogs CIC

Abigail Short has now taken on the role of Family Services Officer.

Abigail is currently undertaking a City and Guilds Level 3 apprenticeship in Animal Management with us, and provides support to our families. She will continue with all of her current duties, but will now also be responsible for additional duties including explaining policies and procedures to clients and working with Aftercare Services to arrange resources and documentation.

Abigail Short, Family Services Officer at Autism Dogs CIC

Our Managing Director, Caroline Preston, says: “We are delighted that these three lovely ladies are taking on new roles within the company! Their roles will be a huge asset to the business, and will help us to continue to provide first-class care for both our dogs and our families!”

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