Auto Trader is fundraising for Autism Dogs CIC

This week is World Autism Awareness Week.

To start off the week, we are very excited to announce that Auto Trader’s Disability and Neurodiversity network has chosen Autism Dogs CIC as an organization they will be fundraising for this year!

Auto Trader, an online car selling platform, has multiple networks promoting diversity and inclusivity. They are a member of the DWP Disability Confident Scheme, achieving Disability Leader level, and have been awarded an ‘Autism Friendly Award’ by the National Autistic Society.  

We’re very grateful that we have been chosen as an organization that they are fundraising for this year, and all money raised from their fundraising efforts will be used to benefit our autistic clients. You can follow them at @autotrader_life on Instagram, @AutoTraderLife on Twitter, and Auto Trader Life on Facebook, and we will also be sharing their fundraising efforts via our social media accounts.

Auto Trader Limited

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